About Us

Welcome to Bebelicious, a little shop of embroidered handmade lovelies.
Bebelicious was started when my little ones were wee babes. I wanted them to have something different, something unique, and most importantly, something useful that will last. I started with designing rompers, tee shirts and bibs for them. As the story goes, friends encouraged me to start a business selling personalised handmade wares. And so I did 10 years ago. =) 
Embroidery is a terrific way to personalise an item (or a gift). The colours are rich and vibrant, and it stays that way for a long time! With you personalising with designs, styles and colours, it will look as if you went through a lot of trouble, but you know it is fun and easy. And if you prefer, just drop me an email: angela@bebelicious.com with your request(s), and I will do the designing work instead.
Bebelicious is registered with ACRA.